Mill Hill Automation has (mostly) Closed

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me as I write this, filled with both sadness and excitement.

After a wonderful 12 year journey working with some lovely clients on some excellent projects I’m going to be moving on to new adventures.

What’s happening?

From the end of October 2023, Mill Hill Automation will be closing down. We won’t be taking on any new clients or projects.

If we manage your web hosting, that will continue for the forseable future.

But I’m a client!

If we haven’t already spoken, please get in touch.

Some services will keep on running either indefinitly (like hosting) or we can help you transfer to a new techy.

If we’re hosting your website, don’t worry – that will keep on running just like it currently does. We’ve keen to help everyone have a smooth transition during this process.


For the past 12 years I’ve been writing software and hosting websites for some wonderful clients. I’ve truely enjoyed it and had the pleasure of working on a wide varity of exciting projects and with an even wider variety of people.

One thing has been missing, however, and that’s working as part of a bigger team and the opportunities that brings for the clients I work with, as well as my own development.

What if I need a website or web app?

I’m going to be joining a great company called Steaadfast Collective – who specialise in web apps, websites, internal systems and all the sorts of things I’ve been working on at Mill Hill Automation.

For a more local option, for you might want to try Optima Computers in Finchley or Speak Digital in Borehamwood.

What used to be here?

If you’re curious about what used to be on this website, or for future-me reminissing about the past, there’s