WordPress Development

A website is a businesses online shop front. Whether you want to sell directly online, or just show your information and claim your online presence we can help walk you through all the hoops. We develop sites in WordPress so you get the ease of use of the most popular CMS and we can hook into it's immense power and flexibility to help you thrive.

The website is just amazing the way it brings in new pupils every week -  now have over 50 children.  Thanks so much for being so fabulous. Anne, West London Tutoring

We specialise in developing custom WordPress plugins and snippets. WordPress.org has tens of thousands of plugins - but often they're too generic or too badly written to work well on your site. If you need something fast, simple and well written which does just what you need - contact us to find out how we can help. We especially love working with other web designers to help them provide better sites to their clients.

A huge thank you for helping me get the website live today – I really couldn’t have done it without you & your ever calm approach which has most definitely kept me sane! Susie, Acacia Cottages

WordPress Hosting

In addition to WordPress Development we also offer excellent hosting packages.

All our hosting packages include:

  • Fast servers
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Double Backups
  • Per-update backup - we can roll back just one plugin update
  • 24/7/365 site monitoring
  • 99.9% up time guarantee (or get 10% off your next month)
  • All for just £15/month

If you've already got a site hosted we can transfer it to ours for £75 - which includes a plugin checkup, security review and all the performance enhancements which make our hosting excellent.

If your site is resource heavy or higher traffic (more than ~50k HTTP requests per day) you may need our larger or a custom plan - get in touch and we'll work something out for your needs.

Automated WordPress Testing

We love automation because we'd much rather you got on with running your business than worrying whether a plugin update has broken your website. So we offer two types of automated testing.

Visual Regression Testing

Visual Regression Testing involves taking screenshots of a sample of your site (typically 10-50 pages) before performing any updates - then taking them again afterwards and looking for differences. It's great for catching small problems across the entire site.

Regression Testing is £45/month and includes remedial action to either fix discovered problems or undo the changes so your site is fixed before you even knew it was broken. If further action is required, we'll get in  touch and discuss the options.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing involves loading a real web browser and clicking, typing and using it as a real user would. This is a great way to check your shopping basket still works and that your filters are filtering properly - specific actions you want your customers to take which have both a high risk of going wrong as well as big impacts on your customer experience.

Our functional testing starts at just £50/month and - just like with the regression testing - we'll get your site working within hours of the update which caused the problem. Why wait and hope a helpful customer contacts you about a problem when you can discover them first?