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We can take your spreadsheets, post-it notes and cumbersome report-building-days and turn them into a browser-based app designed just for your staff. You’ll be able to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection (great for business continuity and WFH), customise it however you like and ask for magic buttons you could only dream of having when using generic software.

Whether you’re looking to revolutionise your existing systems or just automate the most mundane of them – we can help you focus on your core business instead of your information flow.

The Process

1. Identify

Nobody knows your business better than your staff – so the first step to identifying the areas to automate for the greatest ROI is to talk to them.

You probably want to consider automating:

  • Website leads – load them directly into your CRM/Sales Pipeline
  • Booking management – share your data across computers/staff so they can share the work load, and you’re business continuity plan is as simple as logging in from home
  • Customer data – stop storing it in a bundle of email folders and start identifying patterns and contacting forgotten clients
  • Invoices – one of the biggest burdens on many small companies. Rather than repeating your data across many systems – connect it all together in one place.
  • Every business is different – give us a call for a friendly chat about how we may be able to help you

2. Design

Next, you’ll want to train one of our engineers on that process. If we understand what you’re doing – we can suggest the best way forward. Going digital isn’t just about replicating paper systems on a screen – it’s about taking advantage of the dynamic flexibility of the PC.

At this stage we will also speak about how to most effectively migrate to your new system. We believe in incremental and contagious change. Incremental change means breaking the system down and changing as little as possible each step of the way – this helps your staff and business adapt. Contagious change is making sure your staff are involved and believe in the benefits.

3. Develop

We’ll put together a system, rigorously tested and coded to high standards. We love documentation, acceptance testing and open source. You stay in control of your code – so if you want to ditch us and go elsewhere then you can. We hope you’ll stick with us because you benefit from our service – not because we hold all your keys.

4. Release

The first release is the biggest, it’ll involve setting up infrastructure, pre-release testing by real users (you!) and training. We’ll take it easy and always be ready in case something goes wrong. We don’t rush things because we like to get them right first time. We’ll never release a big change on a Friday evening.

5. Monitor & Maintain

Once you’re up and running we’ll keep a watchful eye to ensure everything continues working. Servers and libraries get updated all the time – we’ll keep you up to date to ensure the system stays fast and secure. Keeping on top of updates also helps avoid the big, emergency updates caused by not updating things for 10 years.

6. Improve

Once you’re settled in and your staff are noticing the perks of the new system – we’ll start the cycle again and identify the next best thing to automate.

The Cost

The cost of systems development varies for every case – so for an accurate quote get in touch. To help you make your initial decisions, however, here are very rough some ballpark figures to get the conversation started.

  • Small scripts doing one particular job are usually a one-off setup cost of around £500.
  • Automation of existing systems (e.g. a script to semi-automate stock take, or to bulk convert files) tend to be £100-£800.
  • Full Systems – we always do these in stages. Initial launch including the first feature is usually around £4,000.
  • Running Costs: £200-£600/month covering maintenance, support

The costs above are illustrative – for help deciding if your ROI would be worth it, get in touch!

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