Code School – Tech Forest

Tech Forest is our code school, helping turn keen 16-20 year olds into junior develoeprs with real skills for real jobs!

At Mill Hill Automation we don’t want to keep the joy of having computers work for us to ourselves – we want to teach you too!

We’re bringing together over 15 years experience in writing code with 15 years of teaching experience to provide the perfect mix of technical knowledge and teaching skills to help your children learn to love code, and to make computers work for them.

We’re in the process of launching this service, if you’re interested please fill in the short survey below and let us know if you’d like to be contacted – we’ll use the results to mould our offering to suit your preferences!

We’re aiming to launch in February or March 2021.

Get 20% off your first course:

If you can give us 20 minutes of your time – we’ll give you a 20% discount on your first term’s classes – worth around Ā£60!