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It can be hard to explain the magic of what we do at Mill Hill Automation. We do all the little bits you don’t notice – the nifty search function which works just as it should, the website which delivers order details in the format which is easy for you to work with, or the Excel macro which automates half your invoice updating so you can make more cups of tea and chat about the weather by the water cooler (or call a client to make a follow up call, if you prefer).

We’ve been building websites and systems since 2011. We focus on quality, maintainable code and keeping the client in control of as much (or as little) as they want.

Here’s a selection of the projects we’ve worked on and what we loved about them.

Acacia Cottages – Website

Acacia Cottages organise superb hen-weekends, and they put the same passion they have for great weekends away as they do into their marketing. We built their website using WordPress and WooCommerce to display their cottage and activity information – then heavily customised both with properly written plugins to make the wealth of information easy to get and and pretty to see.

Especially interesting to write was the Cottages Filters page – which required a few custom components because the default ones just didn’t quite meet Acacia Cottage’s customers needs. And of course. it all had to work perfectly on all devices – especially iPhones which make up a large proportion of Acacia Cottage’s visitors.

Give it a go:

Acacia Cottages – Admin System and Customer Portal

Acacia Cottages approached us a few years ago when they wanted to start taking payments online. We began a developing what would become a full system for managing their entire business. Over the years we’ve replaced paper files getting handed around the office with an online system everyone can see, customised reports giving them exactly the data they need and enabled them to handle more bookings with the same number of staff. Enquiries now link in from the website and can be easily tracked and converted into bookings. In 2016 we launched the (mobile friendly, of course) customer portal – radically improving the booking experience for the guests – especially for the primary guest who no longer has to faff around with deposits and payments for all her friends! – Browse All Art

For Arts Sake run a successful gallery and framing service. They wanted to bring the experience of browsing the gallery to their website. We identified that the previous website was great if you knew what you were looking for – you could search by artist. We created the Browse All Art system by working out what their potential customers were searching for – so we could help the art-curious browse and explore the artworks on offer. After finding the perfect artwork they never knew exists – they could then proceed to buy them online either with delivery or the bespoke multiple-location Click and Collect plugin.

For Arts Sake also wanted to display their unique messages in tactful locations around the site – so their customers know that what makes them the high quality gallery they are. This involved clever use of the WooCommerce hooks along with Advanced Custom Fields to get them in just the right place, on every device.

Give it a go:

Bulk Convert to PDF

Daniel is a great client because he knows that his computer should be doing the drugery work for him. When presented with the problem of having to convert multiple Word documents to PDF on a regular basis he asked us for a better way. We provided him with a simple script so he can drop any number of Word (or Excel) files into a folder, and in 2 clicks they all become PDFs!

Brown’s School

Good webdesign and development is all about knowing your audience. Brown’s School is a dyslexia specialist school and cater for people of all needs and abilities. We were already keen on making our websites accessible to everyone, but after hours of research and chats with the experts (specialist charities – but also the teachers who know the students and parents best) we put together a site which makes good use of colours, iconography and layout – and is praised by the very parents it’s aimed at.

Have a look:

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We make a lot of websites, and each has a special gem for the client.

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